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Relationships that never go away

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Something Bit Him The Husband stops me in the hallway. “I’ve got ticks in my bed,” he says. Maybe he wants to abandon the guestroom and return to the bedroom formerly known as ours. That’s how I think during our divorce.  He looks up from his smartphone. “A whole mess of them.” He shifts the suitcase strapContinue reading “Something Bit Him”



Nominated for a Pushcart Prize, this story first appeared in Passages North GRIPS by L. Button I’m used to the dim hour of five AM: Used to stumbling out of bed in the dark, snaking my legs into jeans, holding the doorknob turned so the latch doesn’t pop. Back when we were together, I carelesslyContinue reading “Grips”

Before Viagra

(A silly treat of a story). It’s not easy keeping a marriage fresh for 72 years. Believe me. Especially when you want kids as badly as Abraham and I did.  We tried all the latest fertility treatments: smearing lamb’s blood outside our tent, swallowing stewed mint leaves at midnight, offering sacrifices. Nothing worked. Abe tookContinue reading “Before Viagra”

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